Linen & Table Top Tips


 Use this chart to determine correct linen sizing.
(Standard table height is 30")


Linen Checklist



Use the worksheet below to determine your tablecloth, napkin and skirting order.

  • What is the theme of your event?
  • Which colors will best suit your theme?
  • Is there a fabric that will help with the look you have in mind?
  • Which tables do you want to use?
  • What are the table sizes?
  • What size drop do you want?
    (ie. tablecloth drop to floor)
  • Do you want an overlay?
  • Will linen be decorated?
    (ie scalloped with ivy)
  • How many tables are required?
    (*sign-in, gifts, favors, cake, buffet, specialty drinks, head-table, disc jockey...)
  • Linen set-up(ie. caterer, venue facility, Cody Party Center or you)
  • Linen tear-down-
    (*linen must be returned dry and debris free to avoid mildew stains)
  • Are napkins required?
  • Are extras required?
    (ie bread baskets, decoration, spills)
  • How are the napkins to be displayed?
  • Is table skirting required?
    (sign-in, cake, gifts, buffet, headtable)
  • What size and dimension is your table?
  • How many sides do you want to skirt?
  • How will skirting be attached?
    (pins, velcro, clips)
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