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3 EASY Ways to Customize your Balloon Masterpiece: [1] In Person... [2] Call Ahead... [3] Balloon Delivery Service. Cody Party Centre's Certified Balloon Design Experts create incredible Custom Balloon Masterpieces. Please keep in mind there are 1000's of arrangements and shown below, are only a fraction of the limitless designs available. We are proud to offer a 3 DAY FLIGHT Guarantee!
Balloon Bouquets
Pizzazz Bouquet $29.99   
Swanky Bouquet $38.99   
Bling Bling Bouquet $38.99   
Double Dazzler Bouquet $79.99   
Ritzy Glitzy Bouquet $46.99   
Snazzy Impression Bouquet $46.99   
Cody Classic Bouquet $54.99   
Xtreme Cody Bouquet $59.99   
WOW Number Birthday Bouquet $72.99   
Balloon Arches
String Of Pearls Balloon Arch $72.99   
Link-a-Loon Balloon Arch $99.99   
Xtreme Cody Link-A-Loon Arch $136.99   
Super Twist Balloon Arch $189.99   
Xtreme Cody Pearl Arch $249.99   
Xtreme Cody Super Twist Arch $359.99   
Rainbow Arch $249.99   
Balloon Drop Surprise
Balloon Shower Drop 100 $184.99   
Balloon Rain Drop 200 $349.99   
Xtreme Cody Balloon Storm Drop 500 $799.99   
Balloon Pillars
Mini Gumball Pillar $32.99   
Bubble Twist Pillar $76.99   
Floating Balloon Pillar $66.99   
Blossom Balloon Pillar $72.99   
Xtreme Cody Pillar $82.99   
Signature Balloon Pillar $99.99   
Bubble Top Pillar $119.99   
Crazy Q Top Pillar $119.99   
Exploding Gum Ball Pillar $114.99   
Balloon Topiary
Topiary Cluster -5" $5.99   
Signature Topiary $19.99   
Standing Cloud Topiary $46.99   
Xtreme Cody Topiary $82.99   
Balloon Sculptures
Floating Blossom $42.99   
Character Floor Arrangement $46.99   
OHH Sunny Day! $99.99   
Sparkling Snowflake $99.99   
Oh Christmas Tree $119.99   
Palm Tree $159.99   
The Snowman $159.99   
Xtreme Cody Characters $184.99   
May The Peace Be With You $214.99   
Wowza Balloon Wall $489.99   
Xtreme Wowza Logo Balloon Wall - 8x10' $499.99   
WOW Number Balloon Air Sculpture $69.99   
Balloon Chandeliers
Exploding Gumball Chandelier $99.99   
Link-O-Loon Balloon Chandelier $129.99   
Swag Balloon Chandelier $129.99   
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"The staff at the store were amazing. I had not placed an order to rent the helium tank, but there was one available in store. The staff were exceptional. On the day of the event there was a wedding at our facility, and the Cody Party Palace staff was able to bring back the tank for me. Great service!" - Jill
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